Church History

In February 1828, Martin Harris flew out to New York City with a translation of a portion of the characters from the Book of Mormon plates, planning to indicate them to researchers at probably the most esteemed foundations of higher learning in the United States.1 Harris related the narrative of this excursion ordinarily amid his life, frequently to questioners who needed to think about his initial encounters in the Church. Charles Anthon, one of the teachers Harris met, additionally left records of his gathering with Harris, certifying that the gathering did for sure occur. Be that as it may, differences between these recorded records abandon a few inquiries regarding the trek unanswered.

For instance, the sources point to a few conceivable inspirations for the excursion. A few records recommend the Lord had told Harris to make the trek, while others point to Joseph Smith or Harris himself as the instigator.2 Harris may have trusted the underwriting of researchers would fulfill his better half Lucy, who had become distrustful of the interpretation venture, or help him feel more secure himself before at long last choosing to help fund the interpretation. Different sources infer Harris would have liked to look for the exhortation of researchers on the best way to approach the interpretation itself.

The Scholars Consulted

At the season of Martin Harris’ excursion, neither Joseph Smith nor Harris seem to have known much about the dialect on the plates. As indicated by Joseph’s later record, the heavenly attendant who conveyed the plates to him showed it was an old American record. Instead of looking for a researcher with an information of Egyptian (Joseph just later discovered that the dialect on the plates was called “changed Egyptian”), it is conceivable that Harris looked for the counsel of researchers with ability in American antiquities.3

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